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What will you learn?

Preprints and Registered Reports: Learn about accelerating research communication and peer-reviewed study designs.

Research Data Management and Sharing: Master the principles of FAIR data sharing and management.

Authorship and Responsibilities: Grasp the ethical aspects and significance of authorship in academic research.

Data Transparency in Research: Explore the role of open data and data availability statements for research transparency.

Open Access Publishing Benefits: Understand how open access enhances research visibility and impact.

Impact of Open Research on Academic Careers: Discover how open research practices influence career progression and academic reputation.

Course Description

In an era where rapid and transparent dissemination of research is paramount to advancing knowledge, this mini-course emerges as a pivotal resource for researchers and all those interested in the evolving landscape of research and scholarly publishing. It delves into the critical components of open research, from preprints and registered reports to authorship and data sharing. As the research community increasingly embraces open access paradigms, understanding these elements becomes crucial not just for enhancing research visibility and impact, but also for navigating the ethical and practical aspects of publishing. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a newcomer to the world of research and scholarly publishing, this course offers valuable insights into making your research more accessible, reproducible, and transparent. By participating, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how open access practices can benefit your research and, importantly, how they contribute to the broader research community. Join us to stay abreast of these vital trends and to equip yourself with the knowledge to excel in your research pursuits. 

Course Authors

Elisha Morris (Associate Research Integrity Auditor, Wiley)

As part of Wiley’s Integrity Assurance and Case Resolution team, Elisha handles a wide range of research integrity and publication ethics issues. Working with authors and editors to resolve publication ethics issues and working internally to assist with research integrity guidance and workflows, Elisha has good experience in implementing and advising on integrity and ethics issues. She also previously worked on several Open Research projects, as outlined in the course she presents. 

Alice Wood (Director, Open Research, Wiley)

Alice Wood has over a decade of scholarly publishing experience at Wiley. She is focused on sustainable routes to delivering a transition to Open Access and the development and implementation of open research initiatives. She regularly delivers workshops on the evolving publishing landscape to the researcher and librarian communities and has an acute awareness of the increasing impact that funders and institutions and their policies can have on STM publishers. Alice has previously held several editorial roles within Wiley and as a result, has a very firm grasp of the challenges that the current environment presents for publishers and the learned societies that many of them publish for.

Elizabeth Moylan (Senior Manager, Research Integrity Strategy & Policy, Wiley)

Elizabeth is a member of Wiley’s Research Integrity team providing support for colleagues and editors in implementing best practices and policy with respect to research integrity and publishing ethics. Elizabeth served on the Management Board for The Embassy of Good Science until 2022 and was previously a COPE Council Member. She volunteers for United2Act chairing the working group responsible for improving post-publication corrections. She also volunteers for COPE’s Papermill working group and is an Editorial Board Member for Research Integrity & Peer Review. She is an advocate for open research practices that support researchers in upholding and practicing the principles of research integrity. Elizabeth completed her PhD and post-doctoral training at the University of Oxford, UK.

Sheridan Willis (Senior Manager, Portfolio & Strategy Development, Wiley)

After completing her PhD in evolutionary biology, Sheridan joined Wiley in 2017. After working as Journals Publishing Assistant in the Life Sciences team, she moved into the Open Access team. This role focused on strategies, new starts and flips to OA across the Wiley portfolio. In 2021, Sheridan left Wiley and joined F1000, to continue focusing on Open Access and Open Research growth and strategies in funder platforms. She has recently returned to Wiley to focus on partnerships within the Publishing Strategy and Policy team, collaborating with external and internal stakeholders to look for opportunities for the Research Publishing business. 

Chris Graf (former Director of Research Integrity, Wiley)

Chris has broad experience in research publishing with a key interest in research integrity. During his tenure at Wiley, he led initiatives to improve research integrity and publishing ethics. Chris has fifteen years of experience as a volunteer for the Committee on Publication Ethics and more recently with the programme committee of the World Conference on Research Integrity. He holds a degree in Chemistry.

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