How to get access to your institutional subscription for Wiley Researcher Academy?

If your institution has an active subscription to the Wiley Researcher Academy, you are eligible for unrestricted access to the platform. Learn how to enable this access for your profile and get all the benefits of the institutional subscription.

Option 1: Institutional email

Register with your institutional email (i.e., an email with your institution’s domain) to access all courses provided to you by your institution. You can enroll in any course available through the course catalog (the "Explore all courses" menu).

Do this from the comfort of your home, the institution campus, or any other location.

Get instant access based on your eligibility verified via the email domain.

Option 2: On-campus activity

Register with your personal email from within the institution's campus wile connected to the institutional WiFi, Ethernet, or VPN.

If you initially registered from outside the campus, verify your eligibility by logging into your account from within the institution’s campus. 

Both options rely on IP address verification. Please ensure you are connected to the institution’s network when accessing the Wiley Researcher Academy. Once completed, you can access the platform anytime and anywhere using your credentials.  

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